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Oklahoma research day 2012

Discovering Amplitude Quantization as an Elementary Property of Macroscopic Vibrating Systems through Doubochinski’s Pendulum. Jason Yeisley, Andrew McFarlin, Chris Conley, Chris Stewart, University of Central Oklahoma  
A new class of vibratory processes known as “argumental oscillations” was established in the late 1960s. This was originally discovered by Danil Doubochinski, who noticed the occurrence of amplitude quantization in certain macroscopic oscillating systems. He was able to use these findings as a kind of “bridge” between classical and quantum physics. In our project, we are recreating one of Doubochinski’s experiments to further extend the knowledge of these quantized amplitudes and to gather new data. This pendulum uses the standard pendulum’s frame with a fixed arm and oscillates in a fixed plane. In contrast with a standard pendulum, Doubochinski’s pendulum has a permanent magnet as the pendulum bob and will interact with a magnetic field. The magnetic field in which the pendulum bob passes through is created by a solenoid placed directly under the pendulum bob. The solenoid is constructed by wrapping copper wire around an iron core and then connecting this device to an AC voltage source to produce an electromagnetic field. There are two main experiments that will be done when observing this pendulum; first, we will observe any effect the pendulum will experience if the length of the pendulum arm is changed. Next, we will adjust the frequency from our power source at these different arm lengths from a range of 10 Hz to 200 Hz. By performing these experiments, we can examine the effects these changes have on the quantized amplitudes.   

e-Study Guide for: College Physics Volume 1 by Alan Giambattista, ISBN 9780077437862 (Livre numérique Google).